High-Performance Coaching with Applied Neuroscience

Welcome to the model of high-performing coaches


Sports teams are social systems, filled with people. High performance is only possible in the right social conditions. Our proprietary coachup model applies the latest neuroscience towards creating these conditions, so that cohesion, teamwork and trust are just the starting point.

Our coachup model includes 15 unique but interrelated roles a coach should focus on to achieve high-performance. Each role has in-depth neuroscience underpinning it to let coaches know the why behind each role, plus offers practical suggestions and tips to enable coaches to bring the science to life in their own sporting arenas.

These 15 roles are collated under what we call We-Team-Up

The Trinity of Coaching

The formula for high performance is when a coach focuses on three areas: We-Team-Up.

Equipped with insight and tools, coaches can intentionally build a team environment where athletes are motivated, stimulated, connected and collaborative.


The We is all about connecting the team to a common purpose and identity while forming strong foundations of trust and psychological safety.


The Team is all about creating clarity and shared goals with the team while stripping out uncertainty. 


The Up is all about elevating the motivation and growth of the players while creating conditions for experimentation and feedback.