Hello we're coachup

We are a team of athletes, coaches & sports fanatics who happen to also be experts in behavioral science. We bring together these two worlds to enable coaches to create a high-performing team environment.

Our story

What makes a sports team a team playing to win rather than a group of individual athletes? Whether you win or lose is as much down to teamwork as it is to athletic ability. And it is the coach who makes the team-work, work!

We noticed the majority of traditional sports coaching development focuses on skills, drills and tactics. But this neglects the most important element of high performance - the team environment.

With our backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience and in elite sport, from Olympians to the Premier League football, we set ourselves a challenge. We dedicated ourselves to find a way to make the science of team performance available to sports coaches, no matter what sport or country, in a really practical way.

Now we're supporting individual coaches and teams of coaches to create high-performance team environments. Our coach resources and memberships will give any coach the knowledge and actions to take their team to the next level.


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Meet a few of our coachup coaches

Yassas! I'm Mark

I have a background in sport psychology & have worked at some of the biggest clubs in world football, global sporting organizations & professional athletes. When I'm not working with coaches you can find me on the basketball court.

Hola! I'm Sam

I have a Master's degree in neuroscience & the privilege of working with both Premier League football teams and professional cricket teams across the globe.

Kia ora! I'm Andy

I am a Kiwi psychologist who travelled the world playing & coaching rugby for a number of years before moving into coach development via adidas. I still play as much rugby, football & snowboarding as I can.


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