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Hi, we are Andy & Ali the co-founders of coachup


At coachup, we are a team of athletes, coaches & sports fanatics who happen to also be experts in behavioral science. We bring together these two worlds in service of high-performing sports teams because we know it is the coach who makes the team-work, work!

We noticed the majority of traditional sports coaching development focuses on skills, drills and tactics. But this neglects the most important element of high performance - the team environment.

With our backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience and in elite sport, from Olympians to the Premier League football, we set ourselves a challenge. We dedicated ourselves to find a way to make the science of team performance available to sports coaches, no matter what sport or country, in a really practical way.

Now we're supporting individual coaches and teams of coaches to create high-performance team environments.

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Here's what some coaching experts have said about coachup

Scott 'Razor' Robertson
Head Coach Canterbury Crusaders

“The coachup assessment tool, backed up by practical application of neuroscience, proved enlightening to me personally & is helping our wider coaching & management group stay a step ahead in 2022. I have known Andy personally for a long time & really enjoyed the opportunity to work with him professionally. He remains genuine and authentic in his desire to help teams understand themselves & develop a high performance mindset & operational skillset.” 

Glen Collins
International Footballer, New Zealand

“I spent my career in high-performance team environments and know how tough it is to reach your potential and achieve success. In my experience, it all starts with the right environment – the coaches who can create a setting where players can excel are the ones who consistently get results. coachup are revolutionizing the industry by bringing the latest science to high-performance coaching. It’s an invaluable set of tools that will help you distance yourself from the chasing pack - and stay there!"